Hotel Housekeeping

We have found over the last years that our existing clients, not only have they seen a vast reduction in their overall costs, but also problems and headaches associated with staff employment have been removed.

No upfront fees/No set up costs

Bespoke packages available

The new concept is not only to clean your bedrooms/bathrooms but also includes the replenishment of the bathroom complements bedroom welcome trays plus cleaning staff and materials – All supplied by Weecm, costing less than you are paying now.

This is a fixed cost with a minimum saving of 21%

No National Insurance, Holiday Pay, Pensions, Health and Safety, Public Liability, Products Waste, Products Theft, Reduction in Administration, Reduction in Bookkeeping Management Fee

From £4.50 per room


Cleaning Products
(Polish, window clean, bathroom clean, room fragrance, vacuum)

Welcome Trays
(Tea, coffee, milk, sugar)

Toilet Complements
(Shampoo, soap, toilet roll)