Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning

Kitchen DuctThis includes grease Filters (baffle or mesh), Canopy, Plenum, Ductwork, Fan and Guard in part or full. The work comes complete with full certification for insurance validation. KCS follows HVCA TR19 good working practice standards when undertaking any work of this kind. We pride ourselves on the high standard of the work provided. We don’t offer swift cleans we only offer the best possible standard no matter how long it takes

The potential risks associated with kitchen extract ventilation systems are well documented. They will draw grease laden air directly from the areas above cookers, grills and fryers via the cooker hood and out to the atmosphere. The filters usually found above the fryers/stoves are designed to trap grease particles, but they can never be 100% efficient and a significant number of these grease particles will pass through into the extract system. This allows a flammable coating to form on the inside of the canopy plenum (the void behind the grease filters) in the extract ductwork and on the fan blades. These grease deposits are easily ignited by even a small flash fire on or in the fryer, hob or grill and flames and heat can then quickly spread through the building.

  • Site survey showing duct layout
  • Costs and requirements
  • Installation of access doors – If required
  • Risk Assessments & Method Statements
  • The kitchen extract duct clean
  • Written report, including photographic evidence before and after, wet thickness measurement test results, any limitations/recommendations, and certification
  • Air volume measurement with readings included in the report for your reference